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Q. Is the chemical in the CoolPack toxic?

A. The chemical in the CoolPack is completely nontoxic, safe, and environmentally friendly.  Should the CoolPack become punctured and bleed onto your skin, it may cause very minor irritation, so it's important that you scrub with soap and water. If you'd like a Material Safety Data Sheet on this product, just ask.

Q. How many times can the CoolPack be used?

A. If the CoolPack is not punctured or torn, it can be used indefinitely.

Q. How long do CoolPacks take to recharge?

A. Typically 20 minutes in ice water, and slightly longer in a freezer. They recharge more quickly in ice water because of the conductive method of chilling. In a freezer, they chill convectively, which takes a bit longer.

Q. What are the benefits of CoolPacks over ice or frozen gel packs?

A. There are three key benefits:

1.        CoolPacks operate at a much more comfortable 65 F temperature. That means they won't cause skin or tissue damage, or cause extreme discomfort.

2.        CoolPacks will be effective for a longer period of time between charges. The reason? The difference in temperature between ambient (surrounding) air and the phase change product is much less than the difference in temperature between ambient air and ice. That means more cooling is absorbed by the body and less is lost to the air.

3.      CoolPacks are cooled to a temperature that is above the dew point. That means they won't condense or sweat against your body or clothing. Ice and frozen gel packs are below the dew point, so they sweat, making them uncomfortable to wear and adding to the weight of the vest or jacket. Condensation also robs the ice pack of efficiency because condensation creates heat, which is absorbed by the pack, further reducing its efficiency.

Q. How do CoolPacks compare with evaporative-type products?

A. CoolPacks provide much greater efficiency and better performance. Evaporative-type products, by their nature, retain water, so are always wet and can absorb bacteria. This makes them uncomfortable against your skin. And it means they'll mildew quickly over time, since they never dry out. Further, evaporative-type products can't operate in high humidity, because the atmosphere is already saturated with water, so there is no place for the evaporation to go. CoolPacks, on the other hand, are unaffected by humidity.

Q. Will CoolPacks reduce body core temperature?

A. Yes, they will. But keep in mind that our products are worn to maintain core temperature. The purpose of phase change cooling technology is to maintain a comfortable core temperature and prevent that temperature from increasing. It's our goal to help you avoid heat stress in the first place.

Q. Isn't water a phase change material?

A. Yes. A phase change occurs whenever matter changes from one form into another. Water can change from a solid (ice) to a liquid, as well as to a vapor. Water changes into a solid at a specific temperature: 32ºF. But CoolPacks change into their solid form at 65º F.  Since water changes into its solid form at such a low temperature, it loses more of its cooling ability to ambient (surrounding) temperature. It's also below the dew point, so it causes condensation as it warms. Further, it's uncomfortable and requires a freezer to refreeze.

Q. Will CoolPacks cause vasoconstriction?

A. Not at all. That's one of the beauties of CoolPacks: They function within a comfortable cooling range that doesn't allow vasoconstriction of blood vessels, unlike ice. This is an important benefit, as nonconstricted blood vessels allow your circulatory system to freely move blood throughout your body, then release heat at the skin surface. With ice, the body is fooled into thinking it's cold. It reacts by constricting the blood vessels near the skin, limiting the body's natural cooling system. The heart then works harder, expending extra energy in the chest cavity and creating yet more body heat.

Q. During cardiovascular exercise, will CoolPacks help slow the heart rate?

A. Yes. These products will slow the rise in your heart rate so that you can exercise longer and with more intensity, allowing for higher calorie burn. Of course, it's important that you check with your doctor before undergoing an intensive exercise program.

Q. Where can I purchase Barbosa Cool Products?

A.Barbosa Cool Products wishes to offer you the most expedient service possible, and allows you to choose from several ordering options:

Our Online Store is temporarily down.  Please call 214-358-6857 to order, or email to laura@barbosamechanical.com and we will call you back to answer questions and place your order for you.     

Thank you for your interest in Barbosa Cool Products and our cooling technology products.

















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