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Advanced Personal Cooling Technology



Imagine a Personal Cool Vest that maintains a comfortable 65 F temperature even in the most extreme heated environments. That's what you get with the patented phase change cooling technology utilized in Barbosa Cool Products' Personal Cool Jackets and Vests. The semi-solid thermal energy storage material, phase change material, is designed to absorb heat generated by the wearer. It remains thermally stable at 65 F during the phase change process.




Picture an ordinary ice or gel-cooled vest. It needs to be chilled below32 F, then maintains that freezing temperature. Hold an ice cube against your chest and you get the picture - it's simply too cold to be comfortable. And to alleviate the discomfort, insulating under-garments are needed as a barrier to the body, defeating the very purpose of the vest.

With phase change material technology, you'll stay cool and comfortable at a temperature that feels natural to your skin and body. So comfortable, in fact, that the Personal Cool Jackets and Vests can be worn directly against your skin without fear of frostbite.




Rugged Construction for Durability
The Personal Cool Jackets are available in several outer shell configurations. A heavy duty fire retardant Bannox Black, or a non-fire retardant Tan Khaki and Camo materials are available. Personal Cool Jackets feature over the shoulder and side strap adjustability. Additionally they feature a heavy duty front zipper for ease of wear. Personal Cool Jackets provide the user with the maximum comfort and performance available in the market today.




The Personal Cool Vest is constructed of a heavy duty nylon mesh outer shell which uses the same CoolPacks as our Personal Cool Jackets. The Personal Cool Vest is available in a wide variety of colors, Safety Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, and Black. The Personal Cool Vest incorporates adjustable straps on each side of the garment for a custom fit.




Concealable Cool Vests
Physicians, neurologists and orthopedic surgeons alike are interested in the therapeutic benefits of personal cooling systems. Medical Professionals agree that cooling therapy can help relieve some symptoms of neurological diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis and Ectodermal Dysplasia. To that end we offer our Concealable Cool Vest




Utilizing the design of concealable body armor, the Concealable Cool Vest offers the unique advantage of being worn as an undergarment. The Concealable Cool Vest's outer shell is available in White or Camouflage, and utilizes the same phase change material as our other popular models. The Concealable Cool Vest will maintain a cool constant 65 F temperature for up to 2.5 hours, and weighs less than 4.5 lbs.




Effective for High Heat Environments
The practical design and a total weight of less than 5 pounds make the Personal Cool Jackets and Vests the product of choice for most applications. The cooling duration of the Personal Cool Jackets and Vests are similar to that of ice and gel-cooled vests weighing up to 13 pounds - almost 3 times as much. The secret? Phase change material technology!




Easy to Recharge
Unlike conventional ice and gel packs which take hours to freeze in a freezer, one of the most exciting features of the 65o F CoolPacks are their ability to recharge in only 20 minutes in ice water. CoolPacks can also be recharged in a refrigerator, no need for freezing. Keep a set of charged, individual CoolPacks onsite in a portable cooler for quick and easy changeovers.




Environmentally Safe
The chemical in the Cool Packs is completely nontoxic, nonflammable, safe and environmentally friendly. Should the CoolPacks rupture, it is easily washed off with mild soap and water.




Assessing the workplace
Many workers spend some part of their working day in a hot environment. Workers in foundries, laundries, construction projects and bakeries - to name a few industries - often face hot conditions which pose special hazards to safety and health. Please visit our Technical Information section for more on this topic.




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