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Imagine a personal cooling system that maintains a comfortable 65 F temperature.



That's the patented technology behind the phase change material used in our Cool Packs.

Until now the only answer to heat stress was to wear an ice or gel cooled vest. That meant having a freezing cold pack against your body - too cold to be comfortable. To alleviate discomfort, undergarments were needed as a barrier, defeating the purpose of the vest.

With phase change material technology, you'll stay cool and comfortable at a temperature that feels natural to your body and skin. So comfortable, in fact, that our products can be worn directly against your skin for optimal cooling.

1.     Washable, no shrink outer shell made from a rugged cotton twill or fire-retardant Bannox is the first layer of shielding from ambient heat.

2.     Insulating layer minimizes the absorption of ambient heat by the Cool Packs.

3.    Using phase change material, Cool Packs literally pull heat from the body, while maintaining a comfortable temperature of 65 F.

The semisolid thermal heat absorption material in the Cool Pack is designed to chill to 65 F. Once the material phases solid, it can be placed directly against your skin and used to cool the body. The material actually absorbs heat generated by the wearer.

As the Cool Pack absorbs heat, it will begin to change phase from a solid to a liquid. Because of the constant temperature behavior of phase change technology, the Cool Pack maintains 65 F during the entire transition. The process can take several hours and is a variable of ambient temperatures, workload, and individual physiology.

To quickly recharge the Cool Packs, simply place them in ice water for 20 minutes or in a refrigerator for 35 minutes. The Cool packs are fully phase changed when completely solid. The Cool Pack continues working until the phase change material is completely liquefied again. Cool Packs continue to recharge for life.













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