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Advanced Personal Cooling Products





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Have a need to beat the heat?

Medical: Multiple Sclerosis patients experiencing body temperature control problems
Sports: Cycling, Hunting, Motocross, BMX
Public Safety: Firefighting, Police
Emergency Workers: Hazmat, Disaster teams (under protective clothing)
Theater / Performance: Mascots (under costumes)

Barbosa Cool Products line of Body Control products are effective for High Heat Environments

The practical design and a total weight of less than 5 pounds make the Personal Cool Jackets and Vests the product of choice for most applications. The cooling duration of the Personal Cool Jackets and Vests are similar to that of ice and gel-cooled vests weighing up to 13 pounds - almost 3 times as much. The secret? Phase change material technology.

Easy to Recharge:

Unlike conventional ice and gel packs which take hours to freeze in a freezer, one of the most exciting features of the 65 F CoolPacks are their ability to recharge in only 20 minutes in ice water. CoolPacks can also be recharged in a refrigerator, no need for freezing. Keep a set of charged, individual CoolPacks onsite in a portable cooler for quick and easy changeovers.

Environmentally Safe:

The chemical in the Cool Packs is completely nontoxic, nonflammable, safe and environmentally friendly. Should the CoolPacks rupture, it is easily washed off with mild soap and water

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